Blue Ridge Course & Foothills Course SEASON PASSES

Valid for one HGA season at a time.  Estimated season runs March thru November, annually.  

If you plan on coming to climb 3 times or more in one season (I mean...who WOULDN'T want that?), a season pass is the way to go!  Season passes come with unlimited check-ins through the season, discounts for your accompanying friends, and two complimentary swings on our Giant Swing per visit!

It happens often.  Let's say you come out, get an individual HGA ticket and love it SO much you want a Season Pass now.    We've got you covered- if you upgrade to a season pass that same day you are able to apply the cost of your individual ticket!


Through the check-out process, you will be able to name your lucky recipient through our online system and it will send them an email with the great news.  Or, if you want to keep the surprise a secret, put your own email address in the recipient block instead!  We can even send you a Gift Announcement PDF that you can print out and wrap up.  Just email your request to

College Students @ High Gravity Adventures

Blue Ridge Course Season Pass


Adults or Young Adult (Ages 11+)                                 $129

Juniors (Ages 7-10)*                                                     $99

*Juniors MUST be accompanied by an Adult or a Young Adult while exploring the Blue Ridge Course.

Foothills Course Season Pass


Kids (Ages 4+)                                                             $49




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