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Team Bonding vs. Team Building

Jan 15, 2019

What is the Difference Between Team Bonding and Team Building? Customers often ask us, “what is the difference between team bonding and team building?” While the two things may sound the same, they are actually quite different, and it is important to know exactly what you’re looking to gain from…

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Introducing our Aerial Adventure Enterprise

Who We Are

High Gravity Adventures was born from the idea that challenge changes lives. We’re not just any adventure park and zip tour, we are a part of a family of companies that has been dedicated to challenge and adventure for more than 30 years.  It all began with Blue Ridge Learning Centers and a mission to provide experienced-based learning programs for schools, organizations, corporations, and therapeutic groups. BRLC continues to create unique learning environments intended to cultivate critical thinking and conscious action. Today, our enterprise has grown to include Aerial Adventure Technologies, Challenge Towers Aerial Adventures, and High Gravity Adventures, each focused on creating meaning through challenge and adventure.

Aerial Adventure Tech is one of the industry’s leading equipment resellers with an award-winning website that connects professionals with the tools to run an adventure business right. AAT curates a catalog of proven products for life in the vertical world, tapping into a global network of professional builders and operators working in climbing gyms, at ropes courses, aerial adventure parks, zip lines, and canopy tours. They get hands-on to test and select nearly everything they sell and back it up with outstanding customer service and support.

Challenge Towers is a leader in the design, installation and support of challenge courses and aerial parks.  They provide a range of services to including professional inspections, training, and consultation.  The CT team is stacked with industry veterans and experts who have been actively influencing the responsible growth of the aerial adventure industry for decades. Challenge Towers was among the first Professional Vendor Members (PVM) accredited by the Association for Challenge Course Technology and They have a list of industry awards that reflect their passion and commitment to excellence.

We built High Gravity Adventures in 2015 to leverage the expertise and ingenuity of our growing enterprises and to provide challenge and adventure experiences in our own community and for visitors to the High Country. When you come to our adventure park and zip tour, you know you are in good hands. From Challenge Towers top-notch facility design and support to high tech equipment from Aerial Adventure Tech, you can trust that your experience has been built by experts to offer you the ultimate adventure.

Andrew Miller