Birthday Adventures Between Boone and Blowing Rock

Personalized Party Experiences

Epic Fun For The Ultimate Celebration

The best birthdays start at High Gravity Adventures!

We're all about creating moments that soar above the ordinary, especially when it comes to birthdays and our adventure park party package. Whether you're turning 7 or 70, the Foothills and Blue Ridge Adventure Parks are the perfect setting for a celebration that reaches new heights! Contact us to customize your party and for more details on group discounts and a la carte options. Let's make this birthday soar!

Hosting Your Adventure Park Party at HGA

Planning your birthday party at HGA is a breeze, and our dedicated team is on hand to guide you through every step. Here are important details to know about hosting your birthday party at High Gravity Adventures. 

We believe Adventures are best when shared. That's why we offer exclusive group discounts for parties of 10 or more. The larger your group, the bigger the savings! It's our way of encouraging you to bring more friends and family to join in the fun.

Add an Adventure Ambassador to your party and focus more on the fun and making lasting memories.  Adventure Ambassadors are dedicated helpers who assist with managing onsite logistics so you can be more in the moment and more a part of the celebration. Our Ambassadors help with a ton of the nitty-gritty details, including:

  • Loading and unloading party supplies
  • Maintaining a clean environment during the party
  • Priority gear-up and ground school
  • An extra set of hands throughout your party
  • Individual assistance and nurturing support
  • Post-party cleanup for a relaxed wrap-up

While our Adventure Ambassadors are there to assist, they are not intended to replace adult supervision, and the Adventure Ambassador service is not a substitute for the required participation of companions or guardians where necessary. The Adventure Ambassador service is intended to provide logistical support while the required supervision and participation remain your responsibility.

Add the Birthday Basecamp Package to your party at HGA for the perfect blend of comfort, excitement, and personalized touches. The Birthday Basecamp Party Package includes:

  • Reserved Picnic Table: Your party's home base among the shade trees is perfect for gathering, relaxing, and enjoying food, cake, and refreshments.
  • Shade Tent: We give you a little extra protection to ensure your crew stays comfortable and always has a cool spot to take a break from the sun and adventure.
  • Festive Decor: We bring the party to life with vibrant birthday signs and banners, setting the scene for a day full of excitement and celebration.
  • Gift for the Guest of Honor: A High Gravity Adventures t-shirt for the birthday star, a keepsake commemorating their adventurous spirit, and a fantastic day spent with friends and family.

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Start planning the perfect adventure park party

Follow these straightforward steps to set the stage for an epic birthday celebration that everyone will remember. 

  1. Pick Your Adventure: Your first step is choosing the perfect setting for your party. Will it be the towering Blue Ridge Adventure Park or the kid-friendly Foothills Adventure Park? Each location offers unique experiences and adventures, so select the one that best suits your birthday vision!

  2. Review Our Policies and Requirements: To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, please take a moment to review our participant requirements and cancellation and weather policies. Understanding these will help you prepare for your adventure and inform you of important guidelines.

  3. Decide on Add-Ons: Enhance your celebration with our exciting add-ons. From the personal touch of an Adventure Ambassador to the convenience of the Birthday Basecamp package, customize your party to make it truly special.

  4. Complete the Birthday Party Inquiry Form: Ready to take the next step? Click the button below to complete our Birthday Party Inquiry Form. Our team will be in touch to fine-tune the specifics, lock in your dates, and ensure your birthday is everything you've dreamed of.