We strive to make your experience at High Gravity Adventures the best in the High Country. Make sure you understand our Weather Policy before booking your experience.

Cancellation Policy        Participant Requirements

We want you to have a thrilling adventure and we always keep the safety of our guests and staff top of mind.

There's no real black and white line when it comes to weather.  Some of the things that we need to evaluate include temperature, wind gusts, ice, visibility, and lightning.  Sometimes we need to think about more than one of these factors affecting operations at once.  The Shift Supervisor's goal in making weather calls is to minimize risks the best we can, and this is a short and simplified explanation of how we do it.


We don't melt in the rain!  Rain does not interfere with your adventure as long as we have visibility and it's not too cold out.  If we have a day-long downpour and no one seems to be up for the challenge (no reservations on the calendar) we will close up early.


If we have lightning nearby, we will cease operations and get everyone back down to the ground and inside shelter.  Typically a storm will come and go quickly and we'll be able to get everyone back up and having fun.

The Zip Line Tour is a 2 hour long experience, and it's less easy to exit and get inside shelter once you've started the tour.  For this reason we have to be a bit more generous when making our zip line tour weather calls to make sure we don't get caught high up in a tree during the storm.


To be able to run a successful aerial adventure park operation and minimize risks to the best of our ability, we need to be able to see what's happening out there.  If we have walls of rain coming down on us or if there is dense fog out that significantly reduces visibility we will have to hold off on any adventures.


Ice can interfere with critical functions of our course & equipment.


We can't risk frostbite!  If the temps are getting frigid out there, we'll close up shop for the day and wait for things to thaw.

So...What Happens?

We'll typically wait a bit to see if the weather turns so we can get you back out there.  This happens all the time with early summertime pop-up thunderstorms!  We'll have some games for you to play while you're waiting around, and the time will pass quickly.

If that doesn't work, we'll:

A) Rebook your adventure for a time later that day or week; or

B) Send you home with a voucher to come back and claim your adventure any other time we're open!