A Complete Guide to Exploring Boone, NC

Boone, NC

Boone is a quintessential mountain town nestled in the North Carolina High Country, close to Blowing Rock and Banner Elk. Its picturesque scenery, encompassed by the Blue Ridge Mountains, attracts travelers from near and far. The charm of the town lies not just in its natural beauty but also in its rich history, local eateries,…

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Fun Outdoor Field Trips: Adventurous Learning at High Gravity Adventures

Fun outdoor field trip at High Gravity Adventures

Educators and parents are constantly seeking innovative ways to provide enriching experiences for students. High Gravity Adventures is an active, educational field trip combining adventure and hands-on learning for a fun outdoor field trip. Our unique blend of zip lines and adventure parks is the perfect canvas for building academic lessons, fostering confidence, promoting problem-solving,…

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Your Guide to What to Do in Boone, NC During the Fall

Fall in Boone, NC - High Gravity Adventures in the Fall

Located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains between Boone and Blowing Rock, High Gravity Adventures offers unique outdoor activities ideal for taking in unforgettable views of the vibrant fall foliage. There’s no more exhilarating way to immerse yourself in nature’s annual show than by spending it in the sky. Grab an Ultimate Adventure…

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Top 10 Must-Try High Ropes Course Obstacles

Ropes courses are an exhilarating blend of adventure and adrenaline and are gaining in popularity as a unique outdoor activity that pushes boundaries and fosters personal growth. Check out our list of top aerial obstacles not to miss.

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High Gravity Adventures Recognized as ACCT Accredited Operator

Soaring to New Heights This industry-focused organization sets the standards and best practices for challenge courses, zip lines, aerial adventure parks, and other similar outdoor adventure facilities. Becoming an ACCT Accredited Operator reflects the hard work, dedication, and passion that makes High Gravity Adventures what it is today. The Pursuit of Excellence Attaining ACCT Accreditation…

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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Park at High Gravity Adventures

Foothills Course - High Gravity Adventures

From the High Altitude Zip Line Tour to our award-winning adventure parks, High Gravity Adventures offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience amidst the natural beauty of North Carolina’s High Country. One of the most popular activities at HGA is exploring the vertical world in one of our adventure parks, traversing elements, and overcoming aerial obstacles.…

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