Q: What is High Gravity Adventures?

High Gravity Adventures is an aerial adventure park with a high ropes course, a Three-Person Giant Swing, and in summer 2017 a zip line canopy tour with a 70 ft free-fall.  The aerial courses (one geared towards younger children and one geared towards adults and young adults) have over 75 aerial elements that guests will climb, balance, and swing through from heights of 15 to 50 feet. Our built-in steel cable lifelines connect each guest to the course via a full-body harness.

We have a "Ninja Ground Course" with four elements similar to what you would see on the TV show "American Ninja Warrior".  These elements include 45° walls you can try running across, over-under logs for you to navigate, monkey rings to swing between, and an up-down net to scamper over.  You can go solo and have someone time you, or you can race side-by-side against a friend to see who is the best ninja!

An experience on our Three-Person Giant Swing is more of a passive thrill.  You get pulled up to a max height of 45 feet in the air and get to pull a rip-cord that releases the swing and sends you flying.  We dare you to try and not scream!

Unlike ziplines or canopy tours, an guest experiencing our Foothills Course or Blue Ridge Course will be actively and physically engaged while navigating through. There are many elements from which to choose, such as: walking over aerial bridges; crossing tight-rope walks; swinging through floating foot loops; and traversing giant spiders' webs.  There is no one way to make your way through High Gravity Adventures aerial adventure park.  You will decide the route and the height at which you explore!

Q: Where is High Gravity Adventures?

We are located next to Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC.  Our address is 215 Tweetsie Railroad Ln. Blowing Rock, NC 28605. Call us if you're having trouble finding us: 828.386.6222. Find us on a map via our Find Us page.

Q: Is it safe?

All activities at height come with inherent risks.  Without these integral risks, the activity would lose its value and appeal.  With that said, the owners and staff of High Gravity Adventures pride themselves on adhering to industry leading standards for construction, inspection, equipment and staff training. (For more on standards for our industry visit: 

The course was built by Challenge Towers, an ACCT accredited vendor, which has been building aerial structures for over 20 years.  Find out more about Challenge Towers via the CT website.

Before entering the course, each guest will be required to sign a waiver that explains the risks and guidelines for a trip through our park. Each guest will also be given an aerial orientation from trained staff before entering our park.  We refer to this orientation as "Ground School".  In Ground School, each guest will be introduced to equipment and course procedures from the ground.  This orientation will help set up each guests' aerial experience for success.

Call us with any questions you may have about the experience. 828.386.6222

Q: What's the parking look like?

We share Tweetsie Railroad's very large parking lot.  Please note there are a few days during the season where all Tweetsie Railroad & High Gravity Adventures guests will be charged for parking.

Q: What kind of tickets are available for purchase?

individual tickets

Visit our Tickets page.

season passes

Season Passes are now available for our 2017 season. You will find the best explanation of these passes on our Season Passes page.


Group discounts for individual tickets are available for groups starting at 10 people if reserved at least 24 hours in advance. See our Groups page for more info on group sizes and reservations.

Q: How long does it take to do this thing?

A Blue Ridge Course or Foothills Course ticket is good for up to 3 hours of fun in the air.  3 hours is plenty of time to explore!  You are able and encouraged to take breaks during this time to refresh yourself with snacks or water, or to use the restroom.  You have the freedom to come back down to the ground or go back up on the course whenever you wish during those 3 hours.  For an experience on our Giant Swing or Ninja Ground Course only, you should plan on spending somewhere closer to a half hour.

Q: Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are highly recommended so you don't miss out.  If you are a group of 10 or more participants, to claim a group discount you must reserve AT LEAST 24 hours in advance.  Email to get this conversation started.

Q: Waivers…who, where, when?

Great question.  Every person who is going to get in the air will need to fill out our digital waiver before entering the course. Waivers are available online and on-site at our yurt base camp.  All guests under 18 will need their legal guardian (mom or dad) to sign their waiver before getting in the air.  Anyone 18 years or older must fill out their own waiver.  No one will be able to climb into the air without this waiver completed.  There is no printing necessary with our digital waiver.  Once you click "Submit", we should have it in our system!

Q: What should I wear?

Comfortable, active clothing is recommended for your time in the air. Each guest will be moving around the course in a full-body harness.  This means that guests will want to wear pants or longer shorts and full coverage shirts to ensure the most comfort while in the full-body harness. (You will be very active while in the air and you will want to wear the kind of clothing that will allow you to move with the most comfort and coverage possible.)

We do require closed toed shoes.  This means no sandals or slip-ons.  Loose Jewelry is not allowed on the course. We also ask that long hair is secured in low pony-tails.

Q: What happens if there is inclement weather?

The High Country is familiar with ever-changing weather conditions and High Gravity Adventures will be ready for these changing elements. We will postpone or suspend aerial operations when lightning and high winds are in play. When it comes to rain, the High Gravity Adventures staff will make the call on canceling operations. Guests should come prepared to play in the air – even in the rain!

If aerial operations are cancelled by High Gravity Adventures staff due to inclement weather (high winds, heavy rains, threat of lightning, etc.), rain vouchers will be given to guests who have purchased tickets.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

Hours are subject to change due to weather and special events.  Our estimated season runs March through November.  Please visit our Hours Page for specific hours or just give us a call at 828.386.6222.

Q: Is there food or drink for purchase on site?

Yes.  We are equipped with a water fountain to refill your personal water bottles. We also have Coke products, bottled water, Vitamin Water, and other drinks available for purchase from our drink cooler.  As far as snacks go, we have a selection of energy bars, chips, and other local provisions to keep your energy level high.

Q: Are pets allowed?

At this time, pets are not allowed at High Gravity Adventures, with the exception of registered service animals.

Q: Are there age, height, and weight requirements?

Yes we do have certain limitations on age and weight.  All of these limitations are in place to keep everyone as safe as possible, and the limitations vary depending on the experience:




We do not have any restrictions on height for exploring the Foothills Course, which is intended to best accommodate ages 4+.

Our Junior ticket on the Blue Ridge Course does require adult accompaniment, because Juniors (Ages 7-10) are typically not quite tall enough to reach the cables on their own.

For an experience on the Giant Swing, you must be at least 48 inches tall.


Our maximum acceptable weight is 265 lbs. (120 kg) to participate in any of our activities.  

There is no minimum weight for our Ninja Ground Course, Giant Swing, Foothills Course, or Blue Ridge Course.  Minimum weight to participate in our zip line tour is 75 lbs.

Q: Can my child participate without me?

Yes, your child can explore High Gravity Adventures Aerial Park without you if you (or they) want an individual experience.

The Foothills Course, for ages 4+, allows kids to explore the course by themselves as long as they can reach the cables and as long as a responsible adult is present on HGA's basecamp observation deck.  Adults* are also welcome to join their young ones in the Foothills Course for a joint experience with the purchase of another Foothills Course ticket. (*This will require some squatting and crawling for the adult as the course is designed for the smaller ones.)

Children who are 7 to 10 years old and want to journey into the Blue Ridge Course must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the course at all times. This joint effort means the experience will be shared as the junior and the adult explore and make decisions together. The adult will be assisting the junior with equipment transitions in the air.  Children ages 11+ are typically tall enough to explore the Blue Ridge Course on their own.

Q: Can I take my GoPro or camera on the course?

Your cameras and phones are definitely encouraged for use from the ground, our basecamp observation deck and surrounding green space, but are not to be used in the air. In fact, your pockets must be emptied before you harness up and start ground school. This policy is in place for the safety of all those on the ground.  If you have a GoPro chest mount or helmet mount, you will be allowed to take your GoPro on the course or Giant Swing with you.

Q: What equipment and gear do you provide?

We will provide you with leading technology for the aerial world. For an experience on our course, you will be given a helmet, a full body harness, and a set of smart belay personal safety tethers.  For an experience on our Giant Swing, you will be given a helmet and a full body harness.  These items will be used to keep you connected to the course and swing lifelines.

No experience with this type of gear is necessary for admission into High Gravity Adventures. If you are going to be a participant on our course, our staff will provide a course orientation to each of you each time you visit. This course orientation, or "Ground School", will instruct you on how to wear and use each piece of equipment before you go up on the course.

Q: What levels of difficulty are there available?

High Gravity Adventures offers all levels of difficulty including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

There is 1 level to explore on our Foothills Course and it is color coded yellow.  It is geared towards children ages 4 and up and is a perfect entryway into the vertical world for those feeling nervous at height.

There are 3 levels to explore on our Blue Ridge Course and each is color coded similar to that of ski resorts.  Our beginner level is color coded green, our intermediate level is color coded blue, and our highest level is color coded black. The higher one climbs, the harder the aerial elements become.

Q: Is there a place for friends and family to observe?

Yes!  We have built a huge observation deck at our yurt basecamp where friends and family can watch others find their way through our aerial park.  This observation deck is free for on-lookers on most days through the season.  We want everyone to see the fun and challenges that await those who enter our aerial park.  There is the occasional special event where an entry fee is charged.

Q: Is there a Season Pass that I can use for both High Gravity Adventures and Tweetsie Railroad?

A combined season pass is not available at this time. However, each park has their own Season Pass options.

Q: What else is there to do in the High Country?

The High Country is full of fun!  Click here to download an article full of ideas of how you should spend your 48-hour mountain escape.  Our neighbors include Tweetsie Railroad, Mystery Hill, and Doc's Rocks Gem Mine- definitely all stops that should be added to your agenda!